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Gorgeous natural crystal tower-choose your variety! Also available in a mystery selection-mystery tower will be a $10 value and may be a variety that is not available otherwise.

Bloodstone: approximately 3.5” tall

Blue tigers eye: approximately 3.5” tall

Clear quartz: approximately 2.75” tall

Moonstone: approximately 3.1” tall (guaranteed blue flash)

Rose quartz: approximately 3.3” tall

Mookaite jasper: approximately 3.7” tall

Obsidian: approximately 3.5” tall

Pink opal: approximately 3.5” tall

Prehnite: approximately 2.9” tall

Smoky quartz: approximately 3.4” tall

Peruvian Rhodonite: approximately 2.6” tall

Moss agate: approximately 3.2” tall

Ruby kyanite: approximately 3” tall (UV reactive!)

Dream amethyst: approximately 3.1” tall

Natural crystal tower-choose your own

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