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ABOUT A Pampered Pixie

Welcome to A Pampered Pixie!!! We provide high quality crystals and a variety of handcrafted jewelry made to enhance your sparkle on this world and pamper yourself. 

We're located in northwestern WI and started with an interest in handmade, natural and unique items. It may have started as a hobby but it quickly turned into a passion! In 2023, we added crystals to our shop, something that we've been passionate about for years. We're so excited to be able to assist in your crystal needs!


Our items are handcrafted with natural elements adding to their unique charm. Therefore, due to the nature of these products, each piece may have slight variations.

We offer a large variety of crystals (tumbles, raw, carvings, spheres, towers, etc) but oftentimes they sell prior to uploading to the website. If you're looking for something in particular, please feel free to reach out to us!

Jewelry customization available on request.

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