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Crystal Mystery Box worth $15, $30, $50, or $75!


Depending on the box you choose, your package may be filled with different shapes and sizes of crystals including but not limited to: towers, palm stones, spheres, flames, skulls, carvings, raw and polished stones, tumbles, worry stones, cubes, bracelets, etc. All crystals are intuitively chosen.


There is no specific number of crystals in each box. It’s solely based on the value of each crystal. 
Each box will always equal your paid value plus 10% so you know you'll be getting your money's worth!


You are more than welcome to make requests (themes, favorite colors/crystals, quality vs quantity, etc.) and I will try my best to fulfill your request, but there are no guarantees! Also, you are not able to choose exactly what you want because this is a MYSTERY BOX, however, I will make sure you are satisfied based upon requests.

Crystal Mystery Box

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