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Gift set with three 2 oz bags of scented bath salts. Scents include soothing lavender milk bath, uplifting citrus bath, and sweet rose bath. Each scent of bath salts are packaged in a resealable Kraft paper bag. Includes organza bags to help keep the flowers out of our drain. Epsom salt baths have multiple uses such as detoxification, soothing muscles and aromatherapy. *Ribbon subject to change but will always be pink in color. 
Soothing milk bath salt ingredients: Epsom Salt, Powdered Dairy Milk, Dried Calendula, Dried Lavender, Lavender Essential Oil
Uplifting citrus bath salt ingredients: Epsom Salt, Dried Calendula, Dried Orange Slices, Sweet Orange Essential Oil Blend
Sweet rose bath salt ingredients: Espom Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Dried Roses, Rose Oil

Bath salt gift set

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